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Cheerleader Challenge 1

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Actors: Barrett Moore, Ginger Paige, Goldie Blair, Isabella Camille
Keywords: submission wrestling
Length: 01:27:26
Recorded: 4 years and 5 months ago
Who hasn't fantasized about college cheerleaders? Have you ever sat in anticipation that maybe one of those acrobatic babes would forget to wear her panties? Have you ever dreamed of their true pom-pom's dancing all over your face? Or have you just wondered what goes on in the lockerroom when the girls are alone? We certainly have, so we created Cheerleader Challenge to bring it to life!

In match one, bountiful brunette Ginger Paige is late for practice - again - and squad leader Barret Moore has had enough! Barret is clearly one tough bitch and Ginger's pathetic excuses just won't cut it anymore. The pushing and shoving starts, and soon the cat fight wrestling is in full swing. Barret may be tough, but Ginger is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and soon she's dominating the match. With Barret locked down, she slaps her ass and starts to tickle Barret into submission. Barret might be mad, but there's not much she can do it about. However, all seems to be forgiven when Ginger can't resist Barret's exposed pussy and wants a taste. The head of the squad writhes in pleasure before giving some head of her own. But Ginger takes control again by fucking Barret with an exotic double-headed dildo. She then inserts the other end inside her pussy and the two take turns fucking each other into ecstasy. It would seem Ginger has won her spot back on the squad!

In match two, Czech foreign exchange student Isabella Camille is busy studying her ABC's. She wants to get her cheers right, but big-boobed Goldie thinks she should give it up. The raven-haired Czech may never be an English major, but she knows when she's being dissed. She checks Goldie's superior attitude right into the mat. These two are pretty evenly matched and this showdown could go either way. Each one gets a moment of domination only to be reversed into submission. But when Goldie starts to tickle, Isabella is a goner. So they seal a peace agreement with mutual muff diving and multiple orgasms. The match finishes with Goldie giving Isabella a lesson in pleasure with a lucite stimulator plug. Isabella can't stop moaning from the deep action, and that's a language we think everyone understands.

So satisfy those college age fantasies with the girl-on-girl action of Cheerleader Challenge. After this 90 minutes of wrestling, tickling and pussy pounding your own megaphone will be ready to blow!
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