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Actors: Brandy (aka Krystal Summers)
Directors: Bryan Davis
Keywords: bondage, high heels
Categories: Female Bondage
Length: 01:12:29
Recorded: 1 year and 8 months ago
No punches are pulled here: we open right up on a scene of lovely, blonde Brandy, bound to an X-frame with a buzzing vibrator roped between her thighs! She wears only black opera gloves, black high heeled pumps, an elaborate nipple-clamp setup and a severe black leather corset. (Hence the video’s title, Brandy wears incredibly tight corsets, slave belts, chest-harnesses and waist cinchers throughout the entire video!)In the next scene Bryan ropes Brandy’s arms behind her on camera, then ties a string to her nipple and leads her around by her tit -- ouch!A long ankle-spreader bar is quite difficult to manage in five-inch heels but when Bryan removes the bar, Brandy finds that kneeling down while wearing an exceptionally tight crotchrope is even more painful!A harness gag goes perfectly with the steel cuff and chain bondage that Bryan has Brandy in. (Black patent THIGH BOOTS replace Brandy’s pumps for this scene!)The petite blonde is arched way back for another vibrator scene on a steel frame, then she spends time kneeling on the floor with her legs frog-strapped and her nipples pulled by string nooses.Finally, an elaborate harness gag is applied on camera and Brandy sits sweetly (in a rigid ribbon-corset) for some exciting, on camera breast-roping!
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