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Actors: Jenaveve Jolie, Kayla Paige, Kelly Wells, Selena Draagen
Directors: Jimmy Durango, Johnny Durango
Keywords: ballgags, bondage, breast torment, high heels, leather
Categories: Female Bondage
Length: 01:05:53
Recorded: 1 year and 8 months ago
Someone is kidnapping the exotic fetish models of the Hollywood Hills!We open on Jenaveve and Kayla, dressed in latex finery and roped up in the back of a van. They're being taken to a large house where they will be added to a stable of slaves! Next, Jenaveve is ballgagged and bound to a chain link fence.Kayla is tied to the deck railing and used as a human ashtray!A tightly bound Selina makes a nice hallway decoration.Kelly is nude and tied to a wrought iron patio chair…then a latex hood is added!Selina wears a shiny rubber gas mask for a spread-legged position on the floor of the service porch.Kelly is wrapped mummy-style in wide latex strips.Selina and Kayla use their high-heel-clad feet to stimulate each other while they're bound together on the staircase.Jenaveve is roped against the desk rail and her gag has a little serving tray attached. She doesn't let her master's cocktail tip over, but he spills it on her nevertheless. Time for a blindfolded rubber-bondage bath!Selina is suspended lengthwise under an a-frame, then lets her fingers explore the ropemarks left all over her skin.Kayla then gets the very same kind of suspension (with an APPLE for a gag!)…but gosh, she's dangling awfully close to that patio firepit!Directed by the Durango Brothers!
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