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Actors: Angie Savage, Brooke Haven, Jenaveve Jolie, Stacy Burke
Directors: Jimmy Durango, Johnny Durango
Keywords: bondage
Categories: Female Bondage
Length: 00:56:45
Recorded: 1 year and 6 months ago
Something troubling is happening on the 15th floor. One by one, four hapless women are stalked and subdued in their hotel suite - Room 1508. In this intriguing, voyeuristic tale, a deranged pervert with lust and bondage on his mind lays in wait for his victims to check in. Once in their room, he starts messing with their minds and their hot bodies. Sexy Stacy Burke is pleasuring herself alone in the shower when she hears a knock on the door. She opens it, which proves to be an immediate mistake. A towel is shoved in her face and she crumples to the floor. She awakens tied in elaborate rope bondage to the sofa in her room. She struggles and pleads but to no avail. Angie checks in next and is also taken down. She’s put in several predicament bondage positions by the kinky stranger. Tit bound and gagged she can only moan helplessly as the sociopath watches her struggle. Voluptuous Brooke Haven just wants a good night’s sleep, but as soon she turns out the light, the stranger puts her lights out. This time he’s already in the room! Brooke is tied spread eagle on the bed, bound in a chair and towel gagged and tied to the desk before the twisted interloper leaves. Lastly, Jenaveve sips some dosed water and passes out. She wakes up creatively bound and on display. These ladies thrash around provocatively in their bondage and beg for release as the intruder invades their private room. The devious stalker further comprises his victims by placing their panties in specimen jars and snapping a Polaroid of them while they are bound, gagged and captured. Twisted and tormented with lots of hot babe bondage and humiliation!
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