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Actors: Amber Michaels, Christa Faust, Devin Demoore, Frank Fortuna, Kelly Steele, Zana
Directors: Darla Crane
Keywords: bondage, superhero / villain play
Length: 01:08:57
Recorded: 1 year and 8 months ago
AMBER MICHAELS is AMERICAN ANGEL!ZANA is DARK DOVE!KELLY STEELE is DAZZLE!DEVIN DeMOORE is DEVIA!CHRISTA FAUST is CHRISTA!andFRANK FORTUNA is MINION!It's another superheroine double-feature from director Darla Crane!In story one, we open on Zana chatting on the phone with her overprotective father...who also happens to be the Chief of Police. She just can't get him to accept that she can take care of herself. After hanging up the phone the pretty blonde is surprised to find a woman at her door, claiming to be her new neighbor from across the street. She invites this odd gal in for a cool drink but after a few sips from her glass, she's feeling a bit dizzy. Her drink has been drugged! When Zana awakens she finds herself on a strange bed, bound in a straitjacket. She has been kidnapped by evil Devia who wants to control the police department by holding the Chief's daughter prisoner. What Devia doesn't know is that Zana is secretly the superheroine Dark Dove! Sparks will fly when these two titans go head-to-head!Story two finds American Angel hot on the trail of wicked Christa Faust. Unfortunately for her, Christa has entered a new line of work training and selling sex slaves! What's worse is that she's set her sinister sights on a certain star-spangled super-babe! The Angel is chloroformed and taken captive by Christa's henchman, Minion, then he and Christa go to work on turning the blonde battler into a submissive sex-toy. Will she be able to withstand this terrible twosome's torment?Features nine bondages, three different kinds of knock-outs (drugged drink, chloroform and sleeper-hold), three vibrator orgasm scenes, unmaskings, catfighting, straitjackets, an un-belting and even some foot tickling!And that's not all...after the stories we're treated to a sexy bondage vignette of big, buff redhead Kelly Steele as sparkly superheroine Dazzle!Hey, did you know that Close-Up offers bondage equipment just like the straitjackets and single-sleeves used in this video? Just click on over to the LEATHER & TOYS section of our website and stock up on all the super-subduing supplies you'll ever need to bring your fantasies to life!
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