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Actors: Aiden Starr (Aka Lolita), Allanah Rhodes, Caroline Pierce, Kelly Steele, Talia Monet, Zana
Directors: Darla Crane
Keywords: bondage, superhero / villain play
Length: 01:16:20
Recorded: 1 year and 8 months ago
ZANA is DARK DOVE!TALIA MONET is RED WITCH!AIDEN STARR is OFFICER LISA STERN!ALLANAH RHODES is AMAZON AVENGER!CAROLINE PIERCE is DARK MISTRESS!andKELLY STEELE is KITTY KLAWS!There's another super-hot, super-busty super-babe on the block, my friends, and her name is Dark Dove! In story one, THE DOVE'S DOWNFALL, plucky police officer Lisa Stern must go undercover to find out why young women keep disappearing while attending a cheerleader camp run by a mysterious woman named Talia. Lisa's buddy Zana is worried sick about her taking the assignment but Lisa's devoted to upholding the law. "I'm a cop," she lectures. "You're just the Police Chief's daughter." What Lisa doesn't know is that Zana is also the powerful superheroine Dark Dove...and what neither of them knows is that Talia is really the magycally villainous Red Witch! Together they will discover what demented Red Witch really does with all those missing cheerleaders!Story Two, THE TROUBLE WITH AMAZONS, finds striking redhead Allanah Rhodes bestowed with the mantle of "Amazon Avenger." At a very muscular six feet tall, Allanah is physically perfect for the role she's been granted...but what will happen when she's taken prisoner, rendered powerless and endlessly tortured by the sexually sadistic, cruelly beautiful Dark Mistress? Amazon's awesome strength comes from her platinum gauntlets; when Mistress takes them for her own, will the defeated warrior woman be able to survive the pain and humiliation to come? And by the way...who is this cruel Mistress with her intense hatred of Amazons?BONUS: after the story, we get a very sexy scene of Kelly Steele! Tall and muscular, the statuesque redhead lives up to her name as she's bound reclining on a black leather sofa in the guise of slinky, purring Kitty Klaws.And if all this weren't enough, Darla's even given us a full serving of laugh-put-loud OUT-TAKES to enjoy! Now this is what we call an extravaganza!
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