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Actors: Brandy (aka Krystal Summers)
Directors: Bryan Davis
Keywords: bondage
Categories: Female Bondage
Length: 01:09:33
Recorded: 1 year and 7 months ago
Given the chance to wander around the Close-Up studios for the day, Brandy can't help but admire all of the bondage apparatus. She stands next to each piece of equipment and imagines what it would be like to be bound to it. Closing her eyes to enjoy her reveries she soon find that her wrists are bound behind her back! Trying to figure out her predicament, Brandy is soon set upon by a stranger (Bryan) who chases her through the building. When he catches her he throws her over his knee and hogties her. She tries to wriggle away but is soon caught again and secured to the big black big t-frame, where Bryan clips weighted nipple pinchers on her poor tits. Still utilizing the t-frame, Bryan changes her position a bit, incorporation more tight chest roping and spreading her ankles wide. For this scene she works her delicate jaws around a big, black ring gag that allows her drool to flow freely. Brandy's next position is the ever-difficult wrist suspension, which Bryan soon makes even tougher by binding her knees and ankles wide open, mostly on camera. As Brandy endures a strict back-bender over a tall stool, Bryan runs his hands over her vulnerable tits. Finally the reluctant blonde is sitting on a wooden platform with her knees drawn up and spread wide. We watch in close-up as Bryan buckles on a panel/ball gag and lassos her plump, bobbing nipples. Could this all really be just a dream?
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