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Actors: Dorothy Laine, Lorelei (Aka Kristine Imboch), Paul Cordell
Directors: Kristine Imboch
Keywords: bondage
Categories: Female Bondage
Length: 01:02:14
Recorded: 1 year and 6 months ago
Dorothy the Housemaid returns in this sequel to "Sinister Servants". She hires an attorney in an attempt to inherit Old Man Roy's estate. Another will is discovered, which names Dorothy and Kristine as co-inheritors, but Dorothy has no intention of sharing so she leaves Kristine bound and gagged in a hotel room. Kristine escapes, of course, and soon Dorothy is stripped, tied, gagged and fondled. Dorothy pissed off the wrong person, apparently, because next Kristine clamps and weights her nipples, ballgags her, ties her almost upside down and whips her, then suspends her from the rafters! Adding insult to injury, Dorothy's spineless boyfriend defects to Kristine's side. Next Dorothy is tied with her knees apart so that Kristine can buzz her with a vibrator. Kristine first masturbates herself to orgasm with the wand, then forces Dorothy to climax as well!
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