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Poolside Catfights

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Actors: Angie Savage, Arielle Alexis, Brooke Haven, Jeanveve Jolie, Marina Maywood, Tristan Kingsley
Keywords: submission wrestling
Length: 00:54:14
Recorded: 1 year and 5 months ago
Poolside Catfights starts off innocently enough… Just couple of girlfriends hanging out on the deck, chatting each other up. Arielle suggests that Tristan take her clothes off to get some sun, but Tristan’s too cold. Arielle apparently doesn’t like to take no for an answer and her inner bitch comes out swinging. She gives Tristan one playful nudge, then a more forceful push. Within minutes these girls are going at each other. Demanding Arielle wants her way and she’s not afraid to fight for it. Enter Mariana to mediate. She breaks up the brawl and the three hotties move inside to warm up in front of a roasting fire. Things definitely start heating up with a rousing game of spin the glass dildo. A few kisses later and the fighting starts again when Arielle gets jealous. Tempers flare as these girls get into again with lots of slapping, punching and rolling around on the carpet. The fighting subsides long enough for the horned up babes to take care of each other’s pulsing sexual desires. The dildo is put to much better use as they kiss, suck and greedily satisfy their dripping wet pussies. Round two finds Jenaveve Jolie, Angie Savage and Brooke Haven lounging poolside. The catty trio are busy drinking and sunning themselves when the poolboy enters to give the pool a good cleaning. When Brooke and Jenaveve go back into the house to get some drinks, topless Angie starts rubbing her clit as she stares down the innocent pool guy. When the other two return, a jealous bitch fight breaks out. Why should Angie get the guy when the girls planned to spend the day together? They immediately double team her and make her pay for her little poolside show. She gets her ass spanked red for being such a bad girl! But all’s well that ends well as they make up with some pussy bumping fun in the sun. No one gets the guy as the tanned beauties find plenty of ways to satisfy each other in between bouts.Set a description
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