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Sex Fights 1

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Actors: Billy Glide, Cort Knee, Frank Towers, Jaime Lee, John West, Montana Gunn, Skye Platinum, Vince Parker
Keywords: submission wrestling
Length: 02:05:11
Recorded: 1 year and 5 months ago
Four beautiful women, four sex crazed couples, star in four no-holds-barred XXX hardcore apartment SEX FIGHTS. Executive Producer Ron Sexton's MATROCK ADVENTURES delivers the best built studs, most beautiful women, and hottest XXX action in the industry! Sex Fight One: BILLY GLIDE fucks JAIME LEE. Aggressive blond bombshell Jaime picks a fight with her meditating boyfriend Billy for not taking her to the movies. Insults fly. Tempers flair. Clothes get ripped off, and Jaime's pussy gets "Billy" clubbed deep and hard. Sex Fight Two: JOHN WEST fucks MONTANA GUNN. John insults Montana's cooking and orders her not to burn his steak. Pissed, Montana has more than burnt steak on her mind. The couple fight athletically with Montana ending up getting "served" on the kitchen counter with her hot, juicy pussy as the main course. Sex Fight Three: FRANK TOWERS fucks SKYE PLATINUM. Frank renigs on a shared workout with his girlfriend Skye and tells her to work out in the kitchen. Skye takes control and dominates Frank mercilessly...kicking, spanking, insulting, and humiliating him...finally allowing him to fuck her on her terms. Sex Fight Four: VINCE PARKER fucks CORT KNEE. BIG Vince Parker argues with little Cort Knee over football vs the soaps and control of the TV clicker. Both football and the soaps lose out as sex wrestling consumes the couple. Frank scores an impressive pussy touchdown. Check out all the uncensored photos in the Matrock Connection area....
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